Not a Passenger

In class at primary school, we were forced to read a
text out loud. When the first mistake happened, you had
to stop and your neighbour had to continue where you
left off. I said nothing. If I stayed still, no trip up
happened. But instead, I was passed.

1969, as I started reading it was a common practice to
learn reading in this way. But what happened: The good
pupils read for longer sections and the others fell more
and more silent without the possibility to practice. But
my attempt to remain silent and thereby not allow myself
to make mistakes was classified as an Error.

I remain standing still, not being a passenger. Yet I
ended up at the place of my desire.

I, daughter and granddaughter of a family that suffered
through an odyssey after suppression, exodus and several
relocations, settled down finally just in a place, where
my ancestors one hundred years ago spent their holidays.
I stay here, even when I have had chances to go to other
places in the world. But I like this place with lakes to
swim in, mountains for hiking and skiing and
beautiful views everywhere.

Definition of “Places of desire”: The cause of desire
could be dead for hundreds of years, yet there can be a
reanimation through belief and business.

Salzburg is a baroque city with many churches, a river
and a fortress, like many other cities. But in Salzburg,
Mozart was born. Since we cannot be sure, where Mozart
is buried, the beginning of his life became more
important. Music lovers from all over the world make a
pilgrimage to this sanctuary.

Photos: Through persistence, I found myself fulfilled
and content. I know Salzburg to be home and it is a
place that I feel secure. I wondered why my great grand
parents spent their holidays here and the places they
visited. I found myself at the entrance of Mozart’s
birthplace (the target worship), maybe they would’ve
come here. I took the coordinates of the desired place
and utilized my knowledge of cabala to transform the
coordinates into numbers that I could work with in
making photographs. In the first step I discovered the
quantity of photos I would make, and in the second step
the time between photographs. I stood in the desired


Mehr dazu wird da zu sehen sein Salzburger Kunstverein „A Passenger“

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